Dreaming in Amsterdam…

Just some wandering ramblings. Heart mutters. It’s been a challenge for me to refine my thoughts this past month; so I present them here as is. A copy+paste from some journaling. Somewhere in this collections of words, you will find some updates on what has and continues to impact me in these last few months, traveling in Europe, living in Amsterdam, and studying with YWAM.

I hope too that these words find they can join the melody of your own heart and stir hope and love ever brighter…

An Amsterdam skyline. View from the Prayer Tower at YWAM Amsterdam.

March 6.
Today was such a wonderful day.

Such a gift.

I went to the Anglican Church and it was communion day.

The sermon was On the prodigal son. Or, as some have noted…the loving father.

Just a morning of speaking of the love of God. The grace, heart, patience, joy, attentiveness, generosity. All these things God is and does for his children.



Yesterday was a day of travel. To Antwerp, Belgium.

The shops were more American.

More English words.

We ended up at a cafe that reminded me of one I had visited in NYC with friends last year. It was so nostalgic and lovely.
I find myself loving and appreciating home so much more.


It’s a funny things, this travel business.

I find I am always looking to make connections to what I’m most familiar with.

“Oh, that cafe reminds me of home…”



I found an English bookshop the other day.

Reminds me of home.



I feel like a small child who wanders a little bit away from mom, only to run back a moment later, touch her leg as if to make sure she’s still there. Once security has been reestablished by this ritual, little Shannon can run off again, and explore more of the big house filled with all the unfamiliar people.



I have a dream, Abba.

Well to be particular. Many dreams. Many thoughts. Many ideas. Many joys.

I feel blessed to have met so many in my time here. Are these connections to continue?



I am blessed to have made connections at the Anglican Church. Just to be a fly on the wall to this lovely family spot is my joy.
And the wheels in my brain start turning and turning.
Online schooling? A job that pays good money to support that? May I live in Albany? How can I work with the children here?



I want to reach the unreached, Abba.

I live too much in the church, Papa.

Reaching and touching only those who who already know. This is no small thing. It is in fact so necessary. And yet I long for more.



I will not think of any goal or appointment you give unto me as a small thing.
I will be grateful and consider worthy any next step you have for me.

As long as I have and follow your peace, I will consider it worth it.

Yes. One step at a time will suffice.

My next step is in your hand.

And I will trust you to provide.



I am done with hearing only the stories of others.

I will live my own.

I will see your faithfulness in the land of the living.

Your goodness.

Mercy and faithfulness will follow me.

All the days of my life.

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