In The Waiting.

I wrote this meditation on my YWAM Outreach mission trip in Namibia, Africa. This theme of waiting, of preparation, has dogged my life, pursuing me through my teenage years, and now through all my twenties…. This “coming but not yet,” “calling but not the right time” seems to have been the mantra of my life.

Waiting is hard! Scripture aptly refers particulately to patience as “long-suffering.” It speaks true.

And yet I know that this too is our calling. Practice in endurance. Struggles through desert journeys – when the only one to rely on is our God Himself.

Often, I find on this journey that I must encourage myself with stories of those who have gone before me, through the deserts, through the fire, through the challenges. And who came out on the other side.

Just as the Lord said they would.


I hope you find encouragement on your own journey, meandering as it may feel, may we all remember that our Lord holds the destination in His hand. And us. He holds us too.







Sometimes you find yourself, oil running down your face, all over your clothes – anointed king! In a moment.

Sometimes you have nothing but a vague, confusing dream. A night in the pit. Sold a slave.

Sometimes you just KNOW. The miracle story of your birth. Promotion to the palace. Poised to be a savior.

So why the fall? Why the desert? Why the low place?

Sometimes a rabbi comes by and asks you to drop your net on the right side; to go out into the deep…to follow Him.

Sometimes. Sometimes. Sometimes!
But always.
The preparation.
The years. Of confusion – perhaps.
Of fears. Of questions.
Of hard work. The years of endurance. The years of “seeing things that are not…
as though they were.”
The years when only hope can conquer doubt.
Only faith is your sight.
Only God your rock.

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses…but we will remember our God.”


He just KNEW.
The miracle story of His birth. The call of His life. The work of His Father. The divinity of His person…and yet…
The desert.
The waiting.

“Jesus when he began his ministry, was about thirty years of age…”


“You are blessed
Because you believed that the Lord would do what He said…” {Luke 1:45}

“And Jesus said to Simon,
‘Do not be afraid, from now on you will catch men.'” {Luke 5}

“Do not be afraid. Only believe.
For my words will certainly be fulfilled at the proper time.” {Luke 1:20}


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